We cordially invite you to join us on
June 30th, 2023 for our 6th annual 
Eagles for Life Golf Tournament

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When you come to the CREC Academy of Computer Science and Engineering, you get an opportunity you can’t get anywhere else.  “Comp Sci High,” as you’ll come to call it, is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive high school with immersive technology education, rigorous academic opportunities, extended learning experiences, expansive AP and Early College Experiences, and a school community that feels like family.  

We’re also a comprehensive high school, which means we have rigorous and innovative course offerings in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.  We have rich offerings in music, visual arts, and theater arts.  Our athletic programs, which run throughout the school year, offer sports for every season and every athlete.  In addition to a rich core of Computer Science courses, our school’s Computer Science theme is woven into courses in every discipline.  

The Four Pillars of Computer Science and Engineering:

  • Computer Science with a focus on programming and coding 
  • Engineering and Design Thinking to solve problems
  • Entrepreneurship to help students understand the value of the skills they’re learning
  • Social and Community Impact that students can have through technology